Simon on shoot in Death Valley with his sandwich sized neat-os

 What Our Fans Have to Say…

I love your product and have enjoyed using them!  I have found that things last 3 times as long in the bags which is obviously so useful for me as a cook but also just as someone trying to save some money with groceries!
–Danielle Alvarez, personal chef

I remember my friend telling me about your bags – gosh, years ago – and I thought, that’s cool, but how necessary is it? And, today, I touch your bags – on a daily basis – more than I touch anything else in my kitchen – every morning and every evening. My use of plastic bags is down to nothing … for real. -Terri

I’ve pretty much owned every reusable bag on the market — and I’m a convert to Neat-Os. I love the zipper (HATE when the food is embedded in velcro. Gross). I love the “What’s in there” window. I love how easy they are to clean – I just turn them inside out and put them in the dishwasher. And I like that you can personalize — go at these with a Sharpie for extra cuteness. I read the other reviews — and though I have not put liquids in the bags — I also haven’t had leaks or residual condensation. And yes, the bags end up being used for many other purposes outside the lunchbox (pens, freezer bag, etc). –just a customer amazon

I have neat-os bags in all 3 sizes and use them daily. I am a make up artist and use them in my kit as well as for use at home. They have held up well in the wash as well as washing machine. Such a smart re-usable bag. I love them. — make up artist

I have been using these wonderful bags for a year. After countless washes in the dishwasher (even washing machine), they remain like new. I put all my leftovers, soups, fruit–anything–in the bags and often put them in the freezer for weeks. They hold up and are ready for the next use. This was a great way to wean myself from plastic! –thone

I’m a big fan of Neat-os for lunch items but last week I had half a loaf of french bread left after Sunday dinner. I zipped it into the gallon bag and left it on the counter. Saturday morning I opened the bag and the bread was fresh, without mold and delicious for French toast breakfast!

I am green in my heart, but not always in practice, so I was not sure that I would actually use the neatos I ordered, but they totally got me! I really love them. They are cute and appealing and wear really well. I use them for travel. I use them for kitchen storage. I use them for lunches. They make me want to use them what can I say? The fact that they can be run through the dishwasher is probably part of the magic. And everyonce in a while I put them in the laundry. chrissy

These bags have seriously changed my world. I use them for my daughter’s lunch (and am given massive kudos by the other class moms for being green) AND I use them for work. I am a makeup artist and these are the perfect bags for me to carry around my pencils and misc items. The fact that I’m able to throw them in the dishwasher or washer makes my life easy and, being a working mom, I need anything that can make my life easier 😀 julia

I am absolutely addicted to these bags! I use them for storing vegetables, fruit, chips, and many other food items. I also use them to store wet bathing suits and to pack up all of the odds and ends of our family life. They wash beautifully in the washing machine- I usually place them on a rack to dry. I love that they have a real zipper and that they can be personalized (multicolor permanent markers work great on these). Really fun to decorate. Great for traveling. The only problem I have is that I keep finding uses for them and I didn’t order enough. mom of 2

Those bags are the best! After over two years with our current “set,” and every day use, it’s time to enter some “new blood” into the mix … although the old ones are still rocking! Kim