neat-os ActivityWe are approaching that time of year when we spend lots of time with family, which is very special and memorable. For some it is difficult, and even torturous. We want everything to be perfect and to create happy memories, but sometimes old feelings get in the way. Activities are a great way to bond, kill time and break the tension. It doesn’t matter what you do whether it be cooking together, playing catch or doing crafts, unless, of course, those activities are the source of the tension.


This is from an old post and an email sent from a happy customer — I love this story!

One of my favorite holiday Neat-os stories is from a customer Kim A. Here’s what she shared from last year’s Christmas:

“I took a huge batch of Neat-os with me to my grandparents. There my cousins, niece and nephew, and all the kids decorated Neat-os in those very long hours that lead up to opening presents at 10pm. everyone was so impressed by the ability to personalize and decorate the bags as well as having them in the handy snack as well as sandwich sizes. I did not part with any of my gallon Neat-os!! We had a great time, we had a craft adventure, and everyone remembered that recycling is cool!

Thanks for making us better people!”

Thanks Kim for sharing! What an inspiration you are to us and your family! And a great idea for a shared family activity!