Have a trip coming up to visit family for the holidays or getting out of the cold and going to a balmy resort? Both of these photos are from customers one who went to Hawaii and another who went on a family road trip.

Hawaii Travel         neat-os.com-media-gallon-300x225

This past summer we all took a big family trip. When packing for that trip we used so many neat-os you’d think that’s what they were designed for. In just our travel carry on there were at least 6 bags; 2 for snacks, 1 for coloring supplies, 1 for all the headphones and splitters, and 1 for the tablet and charger. The last bag in the carry on was the sandwich-sized bag, which is just a smaller than the TSA required quart-sized bag. It was holding all the less than 3 oz. liquids like our anti-bacterial hand cleaner, hand lotion and toothpaste. Went right through security no problems. They were happy they could see what was inside!

If traveling abroad, make sure you check your destination’s latest passport requirements, the rules keep changing!