Toothpaste and Toothbrush Holder toothbrush Sleepovers have become very popular these days. I feel like every weekend, one of my kids asks if they can sleepover at someone’s house.

We try to coordinate so that both girls have them the same night. This avoids the “no fairs.” Since there isn’t a whole lot of sleeping going on, we limit the number of them too. The night of the sleepover the kids are great, even most of the next day, but when you hit the later afternoon day after, is when the random meltdowns happen and I threaten to never let them have a sleepover again.

Inevitably something gets left behind; more often than not it appears to be a toothbrush or toothpaste. In a way, this is a good sign because it means the toothbrush made it out of the overnight bag and they may have actually brushed their teeth. I’m not sure why this was happening, but I decided to give them a designated bag for their oral hygiene instead of it getting thrown in with the rest of their stuff. They each now have a toothbrush specific neat-os, the visual reminder helps them remember to bring it home.

But I remember loving sleepovers and slumber parties too, so after the melt down memory fades, they ask again and I agree.