Having 3 kids you throw a lot of birthday parties and you go to a lot of birthday parties. I remember a period of time when my daughters were in preschool when every weekend for a couple months there was a birthday party. It was great ways to meet other parents and build a community, not to mention get ideas for future birthday parties.

One of the things that I didn’t like was the amount of, excuse the language, but crap that came home. It was always little plastic things that ended up being stepped on, cluttering up the cupboards and creating drama over whose goody bag was better. We started coming up with green alternatives. One party everyone brought a book and everyone left with a book. We combined activities with parting gifts by making necklaces and other beaded goodies, another party with making crowns. As they got older, we gave everyone a party soundtrack CD with the birthday girl’s favorite songs of the year. Last slumber party we did decorate your own pillowcase.

One of the things I thought of when creating neat-os was birthday parties. So now instead of decorating the pillowcase or making a necklace they are decorating neat-os– what a great birthday party activity. And you can use your bags to store those beads, ribbons and other birthday party craft supplies. Get out the fabric markers and everyone can personalize their own sandwich bag to remember the event!