LegosMy brother and I played Legos a lot when we were younger, it seems like it might have been every day for a while. We would set up a Main Street of sorts. On our Main Street there was a bank, a grocery store, a hotel and always a car repair shop and tire store. The game would shift into building Legos cars, with us desperately digging to find all the wheels and tires. Inevitably, our Lego game turned into a smash ‘em up derby. When we were done all the Legos got tossed into in a big avocado colored green rubber tub, it was the 70’s after all.

Not all Legos are created equally, just like my brother, and me, some Legos are more desirable than others. Each child covets particular ones; for my oldest, it’s the Harry Potter characters, for my middle it’s the architectural home pieces, windows, doors, fences, and for my littlest it’s the wheels and the unicorn. We have learned to separate out the “special” Legos in neat-os of course, that way we avoid the fight of “who took my…” or the mess of dumping out the whole tub. And now that my son has come of age, we have entered the world of Ninjago’s. So it’s even more key to have every single piece of that set in place.