bagel bagOne of my kids’ favorite lunches is a bagel and cream cheese. We eat a lot of bagels in our house. We have our favorite bagelry (is that a word?); well you know what I mean, which is conveniently located across the street from our weekend farmer’s market. One child likes onion, one likes plain and the other likes egg. Not only do the bagels fit nicely in a neat-os sandwich bag for lunch, and for the 4-year-old, a half a bagel in a snack bag, but also we bring the gallon bag to the bagelry to take them home. We avoid taking plastic bags and our bagels stay fresh longer. Last time we went, the gentleman in line behind us asked if that was specifically,  “a bagel bag”? Why not? Maybe a future size, long and narrow Neat-os for your bagel stack?

(This is a photo of a prototype extra tall bag.) Our produce bag is about 3 inches shorter.