Bakery Goodies

One of my weaknesses is a baked treat from my home or the nearest bakery. A couple blocks from our home is a delicious café called Sycamore Kitchen. They have great sandwiches and salads, but their baked good are incredible! They have buttercups, blueberry bars, molasses chews, pumpkin bread, brown butter scones, apple galettes, and it’s always changing! We usually go for breakfast, but the other day we went for an after school treat. Big YUMMY Mistake! Well, right before they close all baked goods are 50% off. I went a little crazy and bought too much!

Fortunately I learned from Nancy, my friend and one of my early product testers, that neat-os keep bakery goods fresh. In the off chance that we don’t devour our goodies right away, I know they will stay fresh when I keep them in neat-os.