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My daughter and I just got back from a fabulous weekend in Berkeley, just the two of us! We had a wonderful time visiting old friends, eating cheeseboard pizza, and spending time at Masse’s with Marcia and Paul Masse. For those who don’t know Masse’s Pastries, it is a wonderful gem in the Gourmet Ghetto filled with delicious pastries, tarts, cakes, cookies, french macarons and more.


Just one example of their fabulous creations

When we lived in the area all our birthday cakes came from them, not to mention all the afternoons we hung out eating treats and enjoying their company!

On this past visit, Marcia, being the incredible supportive force she is, decided she needed to sell neat-os at Masse’s. The colors look great in through the window! It’s a perfect macaron holder and she wants to do a mother’s day promotion with them –fun!




So a big thank you to Masse’s for being my first brick and mortar to carry neat-os! If you are in the area, say hello from neat-os and have a yuzu macaron or two (our favorite).