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I went to my parent’s house the other day and saw a bunch of dirty dingy old neat-os on their counter. You can tell they are old because some don’t have the logo. Anyway, I took them to wash because, not being of the blogger mindset yet, I didn’t photograph my before and after of washing ours.

The best things about neat-os is they are reusable and easy to wash, again and again. The bags above range from a year to a year and half old. Most of the time I wash our bags in the soapy dish water from doing the days pots and pans or throw them in the dishwasher when it’s being run. However, it doesn’t get them completely clean from all the playground time. My kids eat outside on the yard and leave their lunch bags on the ground. Every few months, I take the bags and throw them in the wash to get them looking fresh again.You can put them in the dryer, but it is hard on the lining and will shorten the life of your bags. I almost always air dry, which doesn’t take long with the hot weather.



after wash





before wash, note stain on left

same bag after wash


Close up of before and after of the dirtiest one, notice the stain on the left side. I didn’t use stain remover, maybe it would have come out completely. Not brand new, but nice and fresh looking.