mailing label1When I first started neat-os, I had business cards made, note sheets and mailing labels. Then I got my email making my business cards a bit outdated, but I still use them because it seems like such a waste to get rid of them, besides I really like them.

Next, I started using so the mailing labels became superfluous. Every once again I would use them, but for the most part they sat the in box they came in, all 974 of them.

mailing label2I started wrapping the online orders in a piece of tissue for a little protection and thought how cute it would be to seal them with a sticker. And I remembered the mailing labels. So I now cut out the logo which becomes a nice closure for the tissue. And being me, I didn’t throw out the rest of the label because the plain part is still good. It works great to cover up old barcodes on reused cardboard boxes.mailing label4

Next I had a bunch of postcards made for the Indiegogo campaign and the guy at the print shop convinced me to get twice as many as I needed because it was basically the same price (which was already 200 more than I thought I needed). So now I have hundreds of unused postcards, but the front is still cute.mailing label5mailing label6mailing label3

Today it occurred to me I should use the postcards to send to customers. But it has the paragraph about Indiegogo.

mailing label7

 Yep, then I remembered the mailing labels. Now I cut out a thick strip to cover that paragraph and write my note. I still have a funny little bit left, what will I do with that?mailing label8