Team neat-os!

We are so excited to share with you our new website with our new fabulous video!!!

I got the idea for neat-os almost three years ago when we moved from Berkeley to LA when my kids didn’t know what to do with their lunch trash at their new school. From that lightbulb moment, the neat-os journey started. Although at the time, there was no name and I had no idea what the bags would look like. I actually thought it might end with me buying a reusable sandwich bag online for my kids’ lunches- done.

There have been A LOT of fits and starts to get to this point, including selling out of product a couple times, meeting my sewer at a mini mall parking lot to make the exchange, and one all nighter filling orders! I can’t say that none of these things will happen again, but I have learned a ton and have a really great team to help me.

I’d like to thank some of those key team members, who patiently waited for all the pieces to be in place and some of which generously volunteered their time! First and foremost Maria (and her team) for making a superior product. There is no neat-os without Maria!

What started as a casual conversation volunteering at my son’s pre-school with another parent has turned into the most incredible video! Peter and Ivan, wow! I truly couldn’t have imagined a video as wonderful as the one you created.

Thank you to Lisa for hand holding me through this transition. Dave, for building this awesome website! Hai, for creating a logo that has become a building block for all my design. Some newer member to the team; Rebecca, Heather and Tricia — so much editing, word crafting, and so much more to come!!!!

A big thank you to Laura, for paving the way, and Andrew, for mentoring me since the inception and giving me that final key piece of advice, to stop looking for someone to tell me what I already know!

To my parents and brother, for encouraging me, for giving me some seed money, for being a sounding board, for design input and ideas and for all of the support to pursue this vision.

And none of this would be here without my amazing family. My children, Lena, Mimi and Leo for making me the person I am today and giving me the strength to strive for change. Lena and Mimi, I appreciate your patience, your voices (in the video), your tagging, your filling orders, and all your enthusiasm for neat-os even when it takes me away from you.

Thank you Tommy for putting up with me while I stumble my way into entrepreneurship. Your patience, generosity, and love made this all possible.

We look forward to the future of neat-os and hope you will come with us on our adventure through visiting our blog, joining the conversation in your comments, and following neat-os on social channels as well.