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Last year, January 2011, I vowed not to take home store bags for one year. I wanted to see if I could do it. Meaning, not only bring my canvas bags to the grocery store, but also my old plastic produce bags and my gallon size neat-os bags to fill with food. For all my other shopping, I kept one of those tidy fold-up into a little ball reusable bags like Chicobags or envirosax.

I have always loved the cute boutique shopping bags and my daughters particularly covet the small colorful ones. When I was about seven, I remember a friend’s older sister collected shopping bags and displayed them on her wall like rock star posters. I thought she was a rock star.  I wonder what became of her, buyer for Saks, perhaps.  A few times, when I was in a store that had particularly cute bags I almost broke my vow, but I refrained. Even when I didn’t remember my bags, I would throw my items in my purse, or run back to my car where I can usually dig one out.

With the arrival of 2012, somehow 2011’s new year’s resolution disappeared along with the calendar.  The shopping bags were abundant, especially after a long afternoon at the outlet mall during a weekend away to Palm Springs. Five days after my return I read The Bitten Word’s how-to-stop-using-paper-towels-other-ways-cut-kitchen-waste.html which reminded me of that resolve. Theirs wasn’t a personal challenge, just a determination to cut back.  What is so clever about The Bitten Word’s strategy is they made it more inconvenient to use paper towels; they didn’t rid their life of them, just cut down. We kind of do that over here.

So for 2012, I think I will continue 2011’s resolve, and try not to let so much time lapse between blogs.