Want to help your school go green and start a waste-free lunch campaign?

One of our goals is to help schools in their efforts to go green. We want to teach children, parents and teachers how to get rid of the disposables and replace with re-usables while also raising money for their school.

We have different options depending on what suits your community:

1. Easy passive income: We give your school a special code. With that code you get 10% off and your school  receives 10% of all sales. Or give your school the full 20% of the sales made with that code.

2. Fundraising Drive: Kind of like Girl Scout cookies –sell neat-os for short period of time, take your own orders, hand them over to us and then one shipment is made to your school with everyone’s order.

3. Keep neat-os on hand: Buy neat-os up front at a quantity discount (can be customized with a minimum order) and re-sell at school events like book fairs, open house, or at your student store. Sell for retail or higher if you like. You keep the profit.