The many uses of neat-os…

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  1. for waste free school snacks and lunches
  2. for park snacks
  3. for family picnics
  4. to bring to the farmer’s market
  5. for preparing food ahead of time
  6. for meal planning
  7. for freezer cooking or freezer storage
  8. for portion control
  9. to keep your produce fresh
  10. as a lettuce keeper
  11. to store your bread
  12. to store your half used tomato or lemon
  13. to keep your cut onion, keeps the smell separate
  14. as a bagel bag
  15. to transport food to parties
  16. to keep your home grown foods
  17. to bring to the grocery store for your produce
  18. for your bakery goodies
  19. for bulk foods
  20. for your restaurant take out
  21. filled with entertainment for your kids at a restaurant
  22. to keep tissues
  23. to hold wet wipes
  24. for pacifiers
  25. to organize your diaper bag
  26. to put dirty diapers
  27. to change out dry for wet toddler clothes
  28. to bring to camp to change out wet and dry clothes
  29. as a diaper bag
  30. to organize your purse
  31. as a checkbook holder
  32. as a change purse
  33. to hold your coupons
  34. to organize receipts
  35. as a pencil case
  36. as a make-up bag
  37. as a toothbrush and toothpaste holder
  38. to organize Legos
  39. to organize arts and crafts supplies
  40. to hold markers
  41. to store small toys
  42. as a party favor
  43. as a party activity
  44. to collect your piñata loot
  45. as a birthday party goody bag
  46. to store seasonal materials: decorations, cards
  47. as a jewelry case
  48. to hold your e-reader
  49. on vacation to keep your poolside necessities dry
  50. for your carry on bag airport security ease
  51. as a toiletries bag
  52. to organize your suitcase
  53. to organize your chargers
  54. to hold coloring books and pencils
  55. to keep prescriptions/medicines
  56. for your emergency preparedness kit
  57. for camping
  58. for backpacking
  59. to put your sweaty workout clothes in your gym bag
  60. after swimming for your wrung out bathing suit
  61. for your swimming gear
  62. for your cycling pocket essentials
  63. for your sports team snack bags
  64. for your first aid kit
  65. for your hair ties and barrettes
  66. for your sewing kit
  67. for dog treats
  68. for a cold pack
  69. as a hostess gift
  70. as a playdate activity
  71. for teacher gifts
  72. as a stocking stuffer
  73. to sort your garden seeds
  74. as your lunch bag
  75. to store your batteries
  76. to sort your beads
  77. for hardware
  78. trip to the beach
  79. for your orthodenture wear

What do you use your neat-os for? Drop us a note.