What are neat-os bags made of?
neat-os are made of FDA certified food-safe materials. All materials have been certified as bisphenol-A (BPA)-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, and lead free. The fabric is a cotton canvas that was designed for chefs and is coated in food safe plastic, that can withstand high temperatures and is non-abrasive, making it easy to clean lots of different ways.

What are your reusing and washing instructions?
You can wash neat-os anyway you like. Wash them prior to their first use. Shake out the crumbs. Rinse them out. Hand wash them, air dry. Put them in your dishwasher. Or empty them out and put them in your washing machine with like colors. neat-os colors won’t bleed, but your bright red t-shirt might give you a pink bag. Make sure they are completely dry before putting food in them. neat-os will get softer over time with more washings, just like clothes. If you want your bags to stay fresh looking, hand wash and shake out more often than machine washing them. We don’t recommend using bleach or putting them in the dryer.

Where are neat-os made?
neat-os are made in California and all the parts that make up neat-os are made in the USA! For more info read our blog titled Made in the USA.

Will neat-os stain?
neat-os are made of a cotton canvas, that will stain just like any other fabric would. We have tried rubbing blackberries and strawberries and lots of other things into the bags. Overtime, the berries washed out. If you have a tough stain that is bothering you, use your favorite stain remover and put the bags in the washing machine, right side out.

Food Guidelines/Uses

(explore some great ideas on our Uses page)

What can I use my neat-os for?
Pretty much anything you would use a plastic baggie for – food, freezing food, cosmetics, travel, art supplies, little toys, toiletries, coupons, beads, etc. See our uses page for more ideas.

How does produce hold up in neat-os?
Amazingly! Our product testers ventured to keep produce in neat-os in their fridges. They reported that their fruit and veggies stayed fresh longer. Bring your neat-os to the grocery store and farmer’s market; go from store to fridge without wasting anymore bags. For more info read our blog titled Lettuce Keeper.

How are neat-os for the freezer?
Excellent! We even got a freezer to slow cooker e-cookbook author to test our for freezer use and she likes neat-os over plastic gallon bags. However, they are not great for freezing stock and other liquids, although we are working on that.

Are neat-os air tight or leak-proof?
No, neat-os are not air tight or leak proof. We like to say you can put almost anything in them, but not soup. The bags are not completely air tight, but we are getting close (we just made a zipper improvement) which makes them great for produce storage, but not for super liquidy items. We have found they are not great for long term storage of  processed snack foods like crackers, or pretzels. It’s funny they keep real food fresh, but not the stuff with lots of preservatives.

Can I use neat-os in the microwave?

How do I decorate my neat-os?
We experimented with a bunch of different markers. Most, even Sharpies, wash out over time. Use fabric markers and follow the instructions on the package. After decorating, make sure to wash prior to putting food inside. 

Policies/Customer Service

What is your shipping policy?
neat-os has a flat rate of $6 for shipping anywhere in the U.S. for orders up $100. For all orders $101-200 shipping is $11. For orders over $200 shipping is $16. Shipping to Canada is $10 for orders up to $100 and $15 for orders $101-200. All packages will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail. International orders will be shipped via USPS International. Price varies depending on destination country.

When can I expect my order to arrive?
Orders are typically processed and shipped within 2 business days. Orders placed over the weekend typically ship the next business day. Orders should arrive within 3-7 business days after being processed. International orders will be arrive within 6-10 business days.

Do you have a faster shipping option for those of us who need it ASAP?
Not at this point.

Can I use another coupon code in addition to the over $50 free shipping promotion?
No. We apologize, we only allow one code per order, so pick the one that gives you the best discount.

What is your return policy?
neat-os wants you to be happy. If you are not 100% satisfied with your bags you may return them within 45 days of purchase. The bags must be unused, in new condition with a copy of your original receipt for a full refund (excluding all shipping).

If your bags arrived defective or damaged from transit, neat-os will refund your amount within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Please contact if you need to place a return and include your your name, contact information, order number and reason for the return and we will reply with your return instructions. Once your package has been received we will notify you. All refunds will be credited to the account charged.


How does using neat-os help the environment?
Instead of using a throwaway product like a plastic baggie, you are using a reusable, durable product. One bag can replace hundreds of plastic baggies, not only from being thrown away, but from being produced. neat-os are also made in the USA eliminating the CO2 emitted by shipping baggies from overseas. From every purchase we give to 1% for the Planet.

What other things is neat-os doing to be green?
We have designed neat-os with the intent of having little to no wasted materials, we limit our packaging, and we do as many paperless transactions as we can. When we do use paper, it is recycled content paper. Even our ribbon is made from recycled paper. In our offices and studios, neat-os uses compact fluorescent bulbs, low flow toilets, and we recycle everything we can’t reuse in one way or another.