An Interview with Rachel Ostroy, Our Founder

Why did you start neat-os?

Several years ago I swore I wouldn’t buy another plastic baggie, and then I found myself wanting one and thought there must be a greener substitute that was not only ecological, but also easy to care for, durable and attractive.

Assuming such a bag must exist, I Googled and ordered 10 different bags. Sadly, none of them was what I was seeking. Instead of feeling defeated, I decided to create what I was after.

Why can’t you just use containers or wash out your plastic baggies?

One can only fit so many storage containers in a lunch box or wash out a plastic baggie so many times (which my husband hates doing).  There have been numerous days when I wanted something malleable to fit into a small spot, but something greener.

What do you hope for the green movement?

In terms of products, I want to get to green 2.0, where it’s a given that we reuse things and fix things instead of looking at everything as disposable.

What type of satisfactions do you get out of your work?

The feeling of having an impact and making change. Every person that orders neat-os is decreasing the amount of plastic going into our landfills and oceans. Each order motivates to keep going and not give up, that change is upon us.

Do you ever use plastic baggies anymore?

Sadly, I have to admit I do. I kept my promise and haven’t bought anymore in several years, but they find their way into our house. Either from the kids school or foods we get at the farmer’s market, but you can be sure they get reused!

Why are you a member of 1% for the Planet and what is it?

I want to give back and support other businesses working on cleaning up the environment. 1% for the Planet is an alliance of businesses that have committed to giving 1% of their sales to approved environmental organizations.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Still being married after knowing my husband 20 years and raising three kids!

What is your motto?

If you’re going to do it, do it right!

Why are neat-os something everyone should have?

Who doesn’t need a plastic baggie sometimes? As we like to say, neat-os can be used for almost anything, except for soup.