Several years ago, I swore I’d never buy another plastic baggie.

Sure enough, I found myself wanting one. I needed something small and malleable to fit in a tight spot in a lunch box.  So I set out to find an alternative that was reusable, more ecological, easy to clean, durable and attractive. Food safe BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free materials were imperative. I combed the Internet and found lots of reusable bags but none that had all those key features.

So in 2011, I created neat-os.

I decided to make exactly what I was looking for: a bag that could be used hundreds of times, didn’t close with Velcro (ick, food and Velcro don’t mix), was easy to wash, and allowed you to see its contents without opening it.  I decided on a clean design I could imagine chefs using, with an option to personalize the bags so anyone could put fun drawings, patterns or labels on them.

I researched and experimented, made a prototype, found a manufacturer, tested and experimented some more, decided on sizes and colors to offer, and opened for e-business.  I continue to meet many incredible people, advisors and partner organizations along the way and am loving this journey.

Mostly, I am thrilled to make it easier for people to be more environmentally friendly.  neat-os has already saved more than one million plastic baggies from ending up in a landfill!

It’s also very rewarding to see how people use their neat-os.


Our Products

neat-os products help make it easy and fun to be environmentally friendly.  Our reusable bags entice consumers to make eco-conscious choices for their daily habits without a trade-off in quality or ease-of-use.


Our Values and Business Practices

At our core, we are committed to:

  • Quality, design, and functionality in product development
  • Thoughtful consumption, minimal environmental impact, and supporting groups that work to clean up the environment
  • Job creation in the US and supporting local economies
  • Treating people with warmth and respect
  • Building a community around a shared outlook for a better future
  • On a larger scale, I’d like to see the neat-os brand be a springboard to expand national conversations about:
  • The environment and food
  • Joining business and social change
  • Building local economies


Thanks for supporting neat-os!